Alloy Wheel VOLUTION® V.

Titanium, matt

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Dynamic even at standstill: the VOLUTION® X.

Give even the smallest Volvo the grand appearance it deserves. The alloy wheels from HEICO perfectly underline the sporty design of the EX30.

Based on the characteristic ten-spoke design of the VOLUTION X. introduced in 2007, we have further developed the rim both technically and visually.
The X. exudes pure dynamism thanks to its particularly filigree and strongly shaped spokes and thrills with a luxurious simplicity that impresses with its many details.

It is manufactured using a low-pressure casting process, after which excess material, e.g. behind the spokes, is removed in a complex machining process. The significant weight reduction compared to a comparable standard rim noticeably increases driving dynamics and performance. The expressive ten-spoke design thus combines visual and technical lightness with maximum strength and noticeably improved driving dynamics.

The perfectly chosen offset ensures a flush body finish and gives every Volvo a confident and unmistakable appearance.

In the event of damage, HEICO SPORTIV offers lifetime wheel replacement at half the list price (country-specific).

Manufactured in a low-pressure casting process for a flawless, high-strength rim blank. X-ray inspection of the rim blank for quality assurance. Heat treated to improve strength and ensure the very high load capacities especially for the hybrid and BEV variants. Extensive FEM analyzed. Rigorous tests according to OEM standard (bending, continuous rolling and impact tests) successfully passed and confirmed by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV).

Scope of delivery
10-spoke alloy wheel (X.), color-matched HEICO SPORTIV wheel hubcap, stainless steel badge with embossed HEICO lettering incl. fixing material.

Including expert opinion on parts according to §19 StVZO or ABE and conformity certification (CH) for hassle-free registration in the vehicle documents.

Up to 60 months / 150.000 km guarantee from first registration. Scope oriented towards to that of the Volvo Warranty.