HEICO SPORTIV Bodykit XC60 R-Design&Polestar&Dark

XC60 MY2022-2023

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Perfectly designed in every detail, the clear, striking design ensures an elegant but self-confident appearance. The five-part front spoiler consists of two front flaps, two air intakes positioned above them and a centrally located air guide element. The option of painting them either in high-gloss black or in body color provides further additional individualization options. The four oval, black chromed HEICO tailpipes set into the rear apron with carbon inlay are the visual promise of the right sound via Selected Sound or active sports exhaust system. All elements are precisely integrated into the series components.

Can be combined with HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound®, the HEICO SPORTIV four-pipe active sports exhaust system with flap control or the standard silencer. Depending on the engine.

Production using the complex PU-RRIM process guarantees components of the highest quality for perfect fitting accuracy, very good paintability and a long lifetime. Front spoiler meets the latest pedestrian protection guidelines.

Scope of delivery
8-piece kit, consisting of: Front spoiler flaps left/right, lower air guide element, upper air intakes left/right, rear skirt with 4 integrated tailpipes in black chrome, carbon inlay, mounting kit

Including expert opinion on parts EC approval, ABE and conformity certification (CH) for hassle-free registration in the vehicle documents

Plug & Ride: no modification of serial parts necessary, perfect fitting accuracy, including detailed assembly instructions

Up to 60 months / 150.000 km guarantee from first registration. Scope oriented towards to that of the Volvo Warranty.