Volvo S/V90/V90CC

Business express with sporty attitude – HEICO SPORTIV reveals the tuning program for the new Volvo S/V90

Dynamic design through distinctive HEICO SPORTIV Bodykit
Efficient e.motion® motor tuning for all engine models including T8 Plug-in Hybrid
Authentic V8 and guttural six cylinder timbres through Selected Sound®
Performance optimization through 22" VOLUTION® sport wheels

Volvo challenges the established business class with its new S/V90. HEICO SPORTIV gives initial glimpse into its planned S/V90 tuning program. “The Volvo brand, which has been our lifeblood for the past twenty years, is currently undergoing a metamorphosis," says HEICO SPORTIV Managing Director, Holger Hedtke. “Enormous growth ambitions are going hand in hand with a major technical re-alignment and a progressive, revamped design language. For our team, that‘s a massive challenge we‘re glad to accept!".

Inspired by the Volvo XC90‘s success HEICO SPORTIV‘s adopted course is reflected in the successful products it already launched for the Volvo XC90. In a nutshell, it‘s about honing the cool Scandinavian design, and offering attractive accessories extending beyond the standard add-ons. “Especially in the design field, we‘ve built up core expertise that clearly distinguishes us from competitors who only focus on performance," explains Holger Hedtke. “We now want to intensify this differentiation with numerous product highlights for the Volvo S/V90."

As was the case with the Volvo XC90, HEICO SPORTIV will also be offering a Bodykit for the premium limousine S90 and for the V90 station wagon which will be integrated with sporty elegance into the overall appearance. HEICO SPORTIV will additionally be offering new, matching 22" five spoke light alloy VOLUTION® rims, a dimension two inches larger than the top standard rims.

With Selected Sound®, HEICO SPORTIV takes yet another leap forward, exhilarating with a tuning product not even available at additional cost in the series collection: V8, or alternatively smooth six cylinder, sound at the press of a button as an exclusive USP, with integrated goose-bump effect.

Motor tuning: the HEICO SPORTIV trademark Despite all HEICO SPORTIV‘s innovate thrust, it never fails to return to its roots. A Volvo 850 T5-R performance enhancement was, after all, the first HEICO product to make its way into a road vehicle back in 1996. Twenty years down the line, motor tuning continue to account for a large part of our accessories program with, specifically, e.motion® versions for the D4, D5, T6 and T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid engine models currently planned.

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Volvo S/V90/V90CC

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