Volvo S60/V60 vanaf 2018

The tuning company, HEICO SPORTIV, is making the family hatchback ever more sporty with more engine power, a more dynamic suspension and a race-look exhaust. The elegant VOLUTION® V. sports wheels immediately catch the eye. The 9x21" five-spoke wheel is an inch higher and an inch wider than the largest standard Volvo wheel and completely fills out the wheel arches. The HEICO wheel is produced by low-pressure casting, saving around one kilogramm in weight compared with the standard wheel and further benefiting the driving dynamics. Complete wheel sets are fitted with 255/30R21 tyres from the technology partners, Continental or Pirelli, and are available in the colour combination "Diamond-Cut, Black". A visible and exclusive distinguishing feature is a separate HEICO stainless steel emblem recessed into the rim flange. As an alternative to the five-spoked design there is the 8x19" and 9x20" seven-spoke VOLUTION® VII. wheel, also in "Diamond-Cut, Black".

Driving fun can be further boosted with sport springs from HEICO SPORTIV. These are characterised by a hardening spring characteristic with increasing spring compression and balanced ride comfort during normal driving. Apart from the improved handling, the lowering of the vehicle by approx. 30 mm adds to the sporting appearance. This is further highlighted by HEICO SPORTIV wheel spacers, particularly in combination with standard Volvo wheels. The aluminium discs widen the axle by either 20 or 30 millimetres and are available in silver or black anodised.

HEICO SPORTIV‘s core competence since 1995 has been the development of power upgrades for Volvo engines. Motor tuning offers a noticeable increase in output and torque, significantly improving acceleration and elasticity and optimising responsiveness, maximum speed and fuel consumption. New in the product range for the Volvo V60 are the e.motion® variants for the D4 and T6 engine. A visual distinguishing feature is the HEICO SPORTIV quad tailpipe kit that is integrated into the standard rear skirt. The oval stainless steel tailpipes have a diameter of 120x74 mm, a high-gloss chrome finish and bear the HEICO SPORTIV logo. Highlights in the interior are the new HEICO SPORTIV knobs for the air vents. The knobs are milled from solid aluminium, bear a laser-engraved HEICO logo and are pushed onto the original part and securely fixed.

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VOLUTION velg type VII 8x19" Black diamond cut
€ 745,-
VOLUTION velg type VII 9x20" Black diamond cut
€ 795,-
HEICO SPORTIV Naafdop (1st.)
€ 20,-
VOLUTION velg type VII 8x19" Bright silver diamond cut
€ 725,- € 570,-
Reinigingsset voor sportluchtfilter
€ 31,-
Slotset (voor Volution velgen zonder spoorverbrederset)
€ 62,-
Slotset (voor Volution velgen met 20/30mm spoorverbrederset)
€ 62,-
Spoorverbrederset (20 mm per as)
€ 269,-
Spoorverbrederset zwart (20 mm per as)
€ 329,-
VOLUTION velg type V 9,5x22" Black diamond cut
€ 850,-