Volvo XC60 vanaf 2017

HEICO SPORTIV presents XC60 bodykit

With captivating design elements for the new Volvo XC60, HEICO SPORTIV presents the crowning glory of its celebrated individualization program.

The new bodykit – consisting of a three-part front spoiler, distinctive rear skirt and four integrated exhaust tailpipes – blends harmoniously with the premium SUV‘s dynamic appearance. The seven-part bodykit is manufactured in a complex PUR-R-RIM production process, and captivates with skillfully devised details. The front spoiler, for example, was conceived not only for the MOMENTUM and INSCRIPTION configurations, but also for the sporty R-DESIGN. A smart design feature makes this possible: separate air inlets designed for each variant provide for a wide range of ap-plications, while
simultaneously offering a further design highlight. The front spoiler naturally fulfills the latest pedestrian safety guidelines.

The rear is dominated by four oval tailpipes which are entirely enclosed by the rear skirt for the first time. This affords an especially classy appearance that can be attractively finished with an optional visible carbon inlay. The rear skirt can be combined with the series end muffler or, optionally, with the HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound® exhaust system.

All components are swapped with the original parts as a “Plug & Ride replacements" and come with a registration-free General Operating License (ABE).

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Volvo XC60 vanaf 2017

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